The Last Request ( A ballad poem )

The ship was asail.
The cool air was clean.
McHagerty looked at his true love
and beamed.

She looked to his eyes
and she suddenly knew
that her love for him
was forever through.

She gazed at the captain,
out, steering above.
It was only for him
that her heart gave out love.

When Mc Hagerty noticed
her look, he felt pain.
“I must get her
loving me well once again!”

He challenged the captain
to a sword’s duel.
The winner the maiden’s
loving would rule.

Ah, but the captain
with the sword was a man!
With one sweeping slash
knocked the sword from his hand.

McHagerty’s hope
was thoroughly gone.
The captain ordered him
murdered at dawn.

The night passed quite quickly.
The sun cast its rays.
Yes, Thomas McHagerty
would die today.

“Do I have one request
before I die?”
He looked at the captain
who then said, “Aye.”

He lifted his hand
to wave goodbye,
and slugged his true love
in the eye.

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